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Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments help to protect and keep a sick or dying tooth.

The problem

  • Infected or sick teeth due to decay or injury
  • Chronic tooth pain caused by contact with hot and cold liquids
  • Pain from pressure or biting down
  • Danger of a spreading infection

The solution

Root Canal Treatment Root canal treatments the inside of a tooth, called the nerve but more accurately described as tooth pulp. Besides nerves, there are also arteries, veins, lymph vessels and connective tissue included in the tooth pulp. Microbes in a tooth decay can cause infection inside, which makes the tooth pulp inflamed and later can cause tooth loss. It’s also possible that germs can enter the tooth pulp and cause infection in the root tip and jaw bone, leading to an abscess, which can go on to damage bone around the teeth. During the procedure, they remove the infected tooth pulp while saving the tooth.


Root canal treatment is a popular way of saving a tooth that would otherwise die or need to be removed. The treatment is relatively painless if it is done correctly.


If a tooth is sick, there are no disadvantages to root canal treatment. On rare occasions, however, root canal therapy may need to be redone to ensure that all of the infection has been removed.

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